The aim of the Register of Products of Concern (abbreviation: PROTO) is to maintain records on the recovery and disposal of products of concern and waste arising from products of concern produced placed on the Estonian market. All producers who manucafture or import the products of concern must register in the PROTO. Register concerns the information of the products of concern and waste: a waste that have been recovered and disposed in Estonia and exported from Estonia that will and have been recoved and disposed of. The purpose of PROTO is to record the information of reaching targets about the waste recovery provided in Estonian legislation and submit the waste-related information (the data that is carried in to the PROTO register) to the European Commision.

·  To amend the data is only allowed by person who carries in the data. Producers who submit the information to the PROTO are responsible for the correct information.

·  The system can be used throw common Internet browsers like MS Explorer and FireFox. All the communication works through standard protected and crypted Internet (https). The software is located in a central server and it can be used by lots of users at the same time irrespective of the time and location.

·  PROTO is governed by the Ministry of Environment. The technical side and all data processing is done by Estonian Environment Agency and Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of the Environment. All the unconfirmed documents are closed for public.

·  Only Estonian companies can register in the PROTO register and submit data directly. Foreign companies have to join with some producer responsibility organization or find another solution.

·  NB! The producer will be registered only then when producer receives a corresponding letter with their ID number and the name of producer appears to public side of PROTO